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Attention: Before you buy, get our fast FREE MEDICAL ADVICE according to your illness status by phone or via email. We are here to advise you within 48 hours excepting weekends and some holidays. All our life-saving SAFARI SNAKE ANTIDOTES are tannic and phosphoric and cure HIV. Serpent-Anti-Virotoxin are decarcinants that are legal unrestricted Bio-chemistry and available for everyone. Feel free to ask. 


1 Safari Combo Unit



  • 1 detailed treatment unit: COBRA ANTIDOTE COMBO 1 + 2 - 120€ 
  • 1 detailed treatment unit: 2 x COBRA ANTIDOTE + PENICILLIN - 140€ 
  • 1 detailed treatment unit: 2 x COBRA ANTIDOTE BASE MEDIUM - 100€ 

Attention: As of 2015 a mandatory legal doctor's fee has become law and has been included in the price.  

Price includes shipping and handling which may vary from country to country or according to normal postal or speed courier serviceFor placing and finalizing your order options based on any state of health or prevention, direct contact is required! We reply in 24 hours excepting weekends.

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