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Just 1 cobra bight = 150 HIV infections!

  • Cobra Antidote 1 Base 
  • Cobra Antidote 2 + Penicillin

These two antidotes work differently either together or appart of each other, depending on the extent of blood infection and poison.

Both antidotes are aggressive, and their effectiveness can be severely increased or weakened, depending on the application agenda or extent of sickness or age of individual. 

Antidote 1 is suited for the majority of people, whereas Antidote 2 with Penicillin is aggressive and can be potentially more damaging to infants and children. Take as directed by proper Safari experts.

Both Antidotes must be taken with the carcinological advice gained from us so as to avoid riscs that can come from wrong applications. 

All antidotes are Safari Medicine and suited for rugged ready-to-go lifestyles and are of ergonomic simplicity. 




Cobra Antidote + Penicillin


Cobra Antidote Base


Cobra Antidote need not be stored in a refrigerator, but must be kept cool and dry in storage or travel luggage. 

Cobra Antidote is not a free-for-all, though it can be purchased by anyone here online or over designated chain providers. 

This Cobra Antidote due to high quality safety restrictions is not a mass-product. We do not incourage trust in batch sales, as this decarcinant can be abused if missunderstood or stored incorrectly. 

Our antidote is sold in a very robust traveler's plastic bottle, therefore we advise not to store any antidote longer than 1 year in medical plastic so as to avoid viral degradation of aging plastic as is known to happen to stored medical human blood. Just like stored blood, antidotes should not be kept longer than the above specified time. Glas bottle antidotes tend to break during travel and spill.

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