OUIJA ORIENTAL MEDICINE $ | BIO-Med. Dr. Stunny Pharouk-Starzmann

    Just 1 cobra bite = 150 HIV infections! 


    Areas Of Application

  1. After a snake-bite, + against HIV-AIDS within 24 hrs. + against Malaria.

  2. Instead of blood-transfusions (as blood substitute). 

  3. Taken in a handbag as a preventative measure or prophylaxis against chemical food-poisoning such as in Jihad-Restaurants.

  4. Against enduring digestive troubles on suspicions of Diabetes.

  5. Against Cancer, and to avoid any mal-concoctive medical treatment or surgery.

  6. Internally against any dermal rash or agitation transmitted during sexual stimulation, where too much sulphurs were present in sperm, vaginal saliva, anal perspiration, gaining access to the skin.

  7. Before and after a visit to the dentist, when cocaines and pain-relievers were or are to be applied, to forestall any effects any medical silicon in injections or topicals may have on the brain, as well as to prevent any resulting liver or skin-damage that may occur in meat-eating people within the space of 2 days. Therefore it is advisable to get adequate advise before any visit to any dentist, by questioning a pharmacist or certified chemically trained doctor.

  8. Against weight-gain or irregular fat deposits that result from an imbalanced diet, a wrong sleeping-position, or the consumption of uncertain medicines.

  9. Against depressions and psychotic imbalances or social guerremania (questionable apathy) that occurs through over-consumption of meat in a temperate zone at the absence of tropical warmth.

  10. Against hormonal imbalances, or the disturbed hormonal development in Down-syndrome-children, in the birth-handicapped, or in age-dementia (alzheimers disease).

Contra indications:

Cobra Antidote interrupts chemical oral contraception and implant-devices, and therefore is not advised to be used during this time, because the danger of sudden twin-pregnancy can result, depending on the amount of liquid steroidal fluid dissolved and unleashed in the mother, which can lead to toxic pregnancies or may harm the early development of the foetus. A woman desiring reliable contraception can at less cost to her hormonal health-balance still use condoms or the vaginal spermicide-sponge for precautionary measure. Women who have taken Cobra-Antidote while using chemical contraception such as spirals, implants, or even breast-implants to prevent pregnancy, were prone to overheating and rage aggressions of guerremania, due to a heightened transversion of chemical liquid radonucleotics in the blood-stream, resulting in increased nymphomanic tendencies alongside rapid coital climax and brief sexual satisfaction with resulting emotional frustration and distress. 

Cobra Antidote is not to be taken without fast acting fats, if adversely suffering a way too depleted protein level or deadly lack of body mass.

Manner and measure of consumption

Cobra-Antidote is to be taken orally, but can also be taken intravenously in the stead of all blood-transfusion, and can also be used on hepatitis-patients of any varying degree. Cobra-Antidote can be taken safely with or without medical supervision; - though it is recommended that trained experienced medical advisory be consulted.

Registered side-effects:

It is imperative, that before or after administering the antitoxin, that a trustworthy doctor is consulted. Cobra Antidote is termed a “decarcinant”, and therefore only to be used if physically sick, or to be used if psychologically taxed. The emulsification of talcoid wax, toxins, free radicals, excessive fats can cause a temporary heightened volume of blood prior to expulsion, which is a necessary phase of high blood pressure equal to what occurs during speed-walking. Such an induced high blood-pressure isn't dangerous, because high carbon-acids prevent the blood from clotting to a stroke to the brain, and the increased perspiration during the induced hypothermia (cold-sweat), is the result of accelerated fat-loss. - This is what must be expected from an effective detox. Through an induced extraordinarily high level of concentrated irons and vitamins supplied by tannic-acid-concentrate, organs begin to shed all toxic ballast. The detox is facilitated by extreme bowel movement and expulsion during therapy. A healthy staining of the cells will be triggered, which causes a high level of dermal ex-foliation and hair-regrowth, because carbon-acids are infractive agents accelerated by natural warm body temperature. - This is crucial to a quick start-recovery so vital to healing, especially when a patient is bed-bound, and no form of sports are possible. Therefore it should be noted, that ill-advised overdoses may cause temporary bleeding of the stomach, - though this seepage of blood is harmless by such a raised iron-level and blood-volume, it calls for a moderation of the intake of about 3 days, when this occurs. Therefore using this decarcinant with a mild alcohol or wine may be gentler for some patients.

Further to this, sleep-studies have shown that Cobra-Antiviral users who've begun loosing Cancer in the body, experienced confusing dreams and non-fatal extra-bodily sensations during sleep between 4:00 AM and 5:00 AM in the morning, which generally subside about two weeks later. This occurs when previously clogged nerve-endings have begun to be cleansed, as sugar-wax clusters that accumulated whilst a lifetime of consuming petroleum in the form of meat and fish no longer dangerously coat or dope the nerves which begin to tactically unwind and react favourably. This results when talcum-deposits (i.e. under skin and in the brain) liquefy, and temporarily re-enter the bloodstream again as sera, triggering a short-lived intoxication or high-effect that can be compared to smoking a cigar or a little bit of cannabis – to a degree dependant on how sick a person actually was. The length of these sensations endure only about as long as the repose in R.E.M, and they vanish at morn after the first letting of urine. 


Over-dosage of cobra antidote can cause overt weight-loss with general visible rejuvenation (termed Ethiopian Rejuvenation of the embolic mass), in which a sexual indifference can occur, as well as a way too heightened sensitivity to salts, resulting in nuvo-pubescent acne in any age, even if the expected internal cure has e'er been achieved. The acne however can disappear as suddenly as they've come, when vegan whey-proteins or alcohol return to the food regimen. Cobra antidote however halts the danger of becoming addicted to any substance (including cigarettes), by an induced feeling of repletion or satiety registered by the brain, - but neither is cobra-antidote habit forming or addictive.

Intake alongside meat diet

Cobra Antidote doesn't work as effectively during meat-carrion diet, but may work as a viral prophylaxis during steady uninterrupted meat-eating, keeping internal organs working, but will not prevent the outer coarse hardening of the external and subcutaneous tissue layers (embolie) at length, because paraciting on animal petroleum growth-hormones faster than the metric percentage it took for a portion of an animal's mass to grow to it's size, can't as quickly be naturally expelled from the body, as fast as it took to eat it. Not the slightest perceivable amount of rejuvenation can take place during meat scavenging; - as instead, mental restlessness, over-revving, stroke, brain-damage, and red thrombosis (Black cancer) ensue. Softening the inner organs, yet without the outer and subcutaneous tissues and embolic mass, which causes sparse, tight, and shortened nerves, leading to mental aggression and delusions, through insubordinate amounts of Buminsulphates due to the ingestion of daily salts into the blood. For Cobra-Antidote to work adequately, it is imperative that all carrion-eating be stopped.


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