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EMERGENCY PRECAUTIONS AGAINST CHEM. JIHAD-RESTAURANT TERROR Sociological Dementia in School Medicine concerning Chemo-Toxins for CANCER, DIABETES & HIV.

1. Purpose and Results Of The Aesculapian Study:

HI-virae (HIV), petroleum molecules, and cobra-virotoxins, look exactly alike under the microscope, and react in exactly the same way to cobra-antidotes or snake antitoxins. Antitoxins are termed antigens or decarcinants that deconstruct the molecular compound known as liquid RNA (rado-nuclear-arids) called protein steroids. In fact, cobra-virotoxin is toxic Silicon Insulin which is often used for Diabetes and Chemotherapy treatment of Cancer, and is also a noxious silicoid, when the treatment is not otherwise a lethal chloride-sulphur. This jolting study of infractive carcinology surrounding the subject of carcinoma carcinogenesis in cancer caused by liquid plastics we call carcinogens, is but horrendous proof, that the fight against lethal viral compositions such as HIV,   or common cancers, despite the age-old symbol of the Egyptian "Serpent of Aesculapius" on every European Pharmacy-door, that a neglect had taken root about the use of potent Snake-Antivenins as the most plausible and powerful biological Antiviral against HIV/AIDS. Cobra Antidote causes immunity to HIV and can destroy hard Cancer depending on the site and size or damage (haemorrhage) of surrounding body tissue.

2. Hypothesis:

It should be generally accepted by intelligent humans, that the voracious poison of the cobra snake, represents the most deadliest of virotoxins and reptile viroproteins, by which death can occur within 7 minutes after strike; and therefore all other less potential pathogens or viral agents such as HIV or influenza transvert rather easily compared to it's polyphenol-dencity in air or blood-readings / Rado-nuclear conversion with just one application of Cobra-Antivenin. This means that higher steroid levels in blood-readings significantly change to usable liquefied fats and get expelled metabolically from the body, whereafter no more symptoms or warning-signals thereof arise. Using Egyptian Cobra-Antidote interrupts, weakens, dissolves and contravenes the most deadliest of all viral pathogens in just 24 hrs, to be dispelled by the organism. The same results were noticed in subjects who drank lethal liquid Silicon, who upon doing so, received a false HIV-diagnosis. Less fatal viral density causing eruptive conditions, can be far more effectively treated with Cobra-Antidote, with less undesirable side effects, and a faster recovery time, at a far lower cost.

It is known that European Archaeologists have long noticed the Aesculapian serpent on the enshrined walls of sacrileged ancient Egyptian funerary tombs and sarcophagi, - yet blinded by greed for foreign treasures, either have overlooked its indemnifying importance to fair judgement, or on becoming aware of it, have even elected to use fiendish and unsound virology to raid the living of the obvious as well.

The ancient principle of rulership conveyed by the Egyptian relic of the AESCULPIAN VENIS as a directive symbol of Pharaonic Pharmacy and measurement, is that it was regarded respects the ecological order in which avoidable dangers play a prominent part in life, and characterized a logic inherently of wild African origin; since the cobra serpent is likewise found in no other place more numerous than on that continent indeep. AESCULAPI is also of linguistic African coining, read in reverse as PHALUKE, meaning SCULL-CAP, - and the "upright Esculapian" be the "scholarly" truth-bearer or Fellaki wearing the famous wig of the Nilotique MEDUSA of RASTHA PHARI, donned by a doctor in a royal court. The same ethnic diversity today, still makes gasoline-alcohol from sugar-cane syrup and old barks, and were the first to use plastics and art in wax to claim the dawn of science as the fantastic credential about their exotic majesty. Thusly, CANCER aurally akin to CANE-CARCINS (fuels), has linguistically come down to us denoting a substance known for its pasting plasticy. It's venerable history remains an ancient naturalistic heritage of Zoanian Chemistry, intellectually immortalizing the means by which the most bitter aggressive acids was won from the sweetest mild organic SUGAR-stalk, on which snakes have climbed to world fame.

For the production of the strongest cobra-antibodies, absolutely no animal by-products are used, such as is utilized by European Cobra-Antidotes gleaned from horse-blood. These mediocre antitoxins that have been translated from rudimentary old Eastern Indian snake medicine, had once comprised an animal plasma, which by mildly adding to the progenesis of poisonous animal cancerides in the balling bloodstream, prolonging the agony of the snake's stroke-victim at risk. In stark contrast, the better remedy from Egypt, which the ancient Marrakh from Ethiopia made, was to be ingested by the patient orally or intravenously. Another version may contain Hyssop or Hyslop Crabapple leaf extract. It was the sagely cure of the aged Pharons, though probably simply misappropriated in modern science-labs by overpaid sky-larking, - or prejudiced against, in its dark humeful colour reminiscent of Negroes; - or even imbibed in secret knowledge of its powerful properties at serious pitfall to the public.

3. Ethical points

To the highly welcome positive aspect, that hardened talcum reserves that fester to carcinoma or waxed wall-fats in the body are thermically dissolved by cobra-antidote; it should be noted, that even though in adults a general rejuvenation / youthful contraction of the epidermal layers can be achieved, in the same ratio a reversing shift in age (growth-inhibition / detained bodily development ) can be observed in the growing youth. The vital question arises; if or at what point this measure should be applied to a youth, if the growth development before or during puberty may be temporarily hampered. Another question is, whether the modern size of mankind, as opposed to the past diminutive of Medieval forebears, poses any negative or positive conception. The drug-decarcinant inhibits growth in children, if taken necessarily or too often, and can change the sexual development of the young. It has been observed, that during intake, that during the extreme lull in protein levels, the characteristically high sexual libido stops, sensuous interests decreases – and an asexual thought-pattern temporarily sets in. - But on the more positive side, an extreme sharpening of perceptive skills is noted, in which even children solve subjective problems more ably. Even people who suffer extreme stress, register in about 2 minutes of having taken the decarcinant, a tremendous ease and levity about rising to old mental blocks not adequately encompassed before. Dementia is thus curable – even if it took a thousand years.

Closing comment:

It is alarming, that this simple verontological virology has escaped all lawful medical profession for such a long time. - In fact, it is absolutely deplorable.