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CORONA VIRUS? Forensics & $nake Antidote


Military Forensic of the Corona Gas Bomb


Chemistry Lab Forensic of the Corona Molecule

CORONA means "crown" in Latin. Its called the queen of all viro-toxins from sulfur acid molecules, depicted in a crown structure of 8 sulfur atoms, and part of the so-called S8- molecules. The number "8" in BIO-CHEMISTRY is the code for "infinite" chemical mixtures that own chemical formulae that resemble long snakes-like cables. Their sulfur content can either form or destroy body cells.

Corona is crowned as sulfur because it transmits HEAT, FIRE and FEVER, which can kill in excess! The complete absence of sulfur also brings death. Sulfur exists in the pyramid of chemistry, alongside carbon and calcium, and connects or destroys them. Why? Can we stop sulfur diseases? Do these diseases always come from animals?

QUININE is the ancient Chinese cure for Malaria. It comes from the bitter bark of the Cinchona Tree (Chinatree bark). The ancient tree is named after CHINA! It grows in South America, China and Africa. Quinine is called CHININ in both German and Senegalese, and translates to mean "CHINESE TREE BARK", and it is the oldest drug in China and South America, known by the Inka, Azteks, Maya, Olmecs and Africans and East Indians. It is the core ingredient in oral snake antidotes! It cures deadly MALARIA FEVER. GOD's nature doesn't need arrogant clinical test approval from Freemasons for curing the flu! BRICS is attacking the UNAIDS virus lie of the WEST! Read up about the fraud of the UNAIDS on this website. (click on "UNAIDS Fraud!", left  

Picture by Hans Schwarzkopf, courtesy Pixabay.

The leaves on these two Indio-men's loins are chincona china-leaves which are used to stop malaria and to make snake antidote. These Indians are healthy people who become immune to HIV and Western and European pharmaceutical theft! CHINA is where these Indians descended from, and all of their languages have ancient Han Chinese vocabulary survivors. This makes the Chinese proud to resist the UNAIDS in penal forenics law since 1996! So did the EU since 2006, forbidding penal HIV profiling! 


Covid-19 is natron bicarbonate of soda, and termed S-8 corona sulfur in bio-weapon forensics of the military! It is found in sewages, sodas, swamps, dead corpses and purely alkaline sulfuric foods. It is not a virus, it is a sulfur bacteria. There is no reason not to know the cure globally, unless the global UNAIDS virus is to be exposed as using LGBT as a pandemic excuse to target AFRICANS with biochemical weapons of pseudo pharmacology! Black Lives Matter.

Global political influence and competition in your local supermarket through global monster food-chains employ very simple bio-chemical weapons backed by racist Freemasonry. Nuclear means "any concentrated substance". Bio-chemical weapons are usually secret poisons hidden strategically and use only two biological substances that anyone can buy: natron soda or silicon fuel.

Genetically modified foods means foods with an overdose of either substances:

  1. Foods treated with SILICON, TALCUM POWDER or PETROL INSULIN preservatives to prolong shelf life or to promote cancer at any given command of overdose.
  2. Foods treated with the ALLERGEN called NATRON SODA to enhance taste with soda bicarbonate, which can induce viral pandemics such as Covid-19 or HIV at any given command of overdose.

Genetically modified seeds of agriculture don't exist, rather pre-fertilised seeds sold after fake acidic fertilizers have been sold to the same farmers to deplete their soil.

Both control strategies can potentially create dependence on Western virology and foreign pharmaceuticals and their top-heavy currencies, when there are no forensic labs in your local military (i.e.: Africa, India, Iran, The Caribbean and Turkey). Western Universities try to infiltrate and erode foreign police forensic laboratories. 

Global Monster Food Brands "can" spread elective Viral Influenza-Influence for Pharmaceutical Domination. These first gain duplicitous trust via selective health brands, then slyly "phasing in" serial allergenic attacks through nuke in simple necessities like:

  • Cooking Salt
  • Vinegar
  • Alkaline Water Brands
  • Marmalade
  • Prefab Garnishes like: Tomato Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Mustard, Ranch Dressing, Marmite and Champagne Sauce
  • Prefab Spice Blend Packets
  • Prefab Pickles and Antipasti Brands
  • Genetically modified legumes
  • Flour Grades from hard to soft
  • Cooking Oils with either Amino Acid Stabilizers or Natron Allergens
  • Acidic sugar brands (sugars that smell like sulfur)

WARNING: Food labels can tell lies, and pharmaceuticals can deceive.


Chemical weapons of mass destruction always enter your country through Freemasons or other terror groups that infiltrate local universities and the food, drug & health sector to do internal chemical damage! Military Forensic Labs are the immune system of your country. If you don’t have military forensic labs in the police force, then your country will suffer HIV as a fake epidemic....any super media virus will do. But smart military intelligence agencies may watch and have the power to overthrow goverments that lack forensic immunity.   


The CORONAVIRUS is not affecting Turkey much. Here's why! Turkey has excellent cultural habits, that Europeans don't practice: 

1.) No street shoes inside the house. 

2.) 10 - 15 times ultra black tea with sugar a day.

3.) The use of perfume water on the hands and face when entering any office or business is a cultural habit in Turkey. All government offices offer free black tea to citizens and visitors on a platter.  

4.) All public toilets in Turkey have a rubber-hose or water-jug intended to wash the back and front after using the toilet. 

5.) No public European seat-toilets. Mostly Ottoman standing-toilets (French Toilets). These keep clothes from touching with toilet rims. No splashing toilets. 

6.) Turks disinfect public places DAILY. Europeans only clean public places twice a week.

7.) Turkish garbage collectors collect garbage daily at your apartment-door in EVERY Turkish city. This only happens once a week in Europe. 

8.) Turkish dump-trucks empty the garbage-skips every night before midnight to keep rats and roaches away. 

9.) Wild cats and dogs roam the street with gps-chips in their ears, and eliminate city rats! There are less roaches in Turkey, compared to Europe in the summer.

10.) Turkish homes have fly-nets on all windows! The window nets protect from dirty flies that sit on remains, garbage or dog droppings. European houses have flies in the summer, and don't use fly-mesh in their windows! 

11.) City cleaners and local dog owners clear away dog lumps from the side walk every day.

12.) Also, using oral oriental snake antidotes will destroy Coronavirus. This is because snake antidote destroys snake viro-toxins which kill in 15 minutes. 
Information by OUIJA ORIENTAL MEDICINE $ 2020, Dr. Pharouk-Starzmann.