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The EU-Directive 67-548-EEC

The official European Toxicology Act termed the "Dangerous Substances Law  EU-Directive 67 548-EEC" governing all dangerous chemical substances and derivatives with which all virological and verontological conditions may be carcinogenically contrived or surmised, was first formally conducted into the European Union to forestall any further violent chemical abuses as had been apparent during Hitler's 2nd World War.

The EU-67 548 EEC came into being at the premier founding of the European Union in 1953 in Paris. It is the chemical law under which all other local European medical laws governing the use of prescriptive substances, that in their overdosage, may cause artificial illness and death, were ratified. This law may include any novel type deadly substance which may incur harm. It however doesn't include any botannical antigen as dangerous. Cobra-Antidote is classed as a botannic antigen.

EU-67 MEDICINE is a new terminology under which the Faqir Dr. Max-Robin Stunny Pharouk-Starzmann wisely exposed HIV-virology as molecular steroid, by means of ancient Pharonic COBRA ANTIDOTE and Abyssinian verontology, which has been the oldest foundation of ORIENTAL MEDICINE, from which the Aesculapian Serpent of Pharma has been adopted and heritaged all over the world. Cobra Antidote has always been known. To never have used it against Cancer and HIV, has become the biggest shock in the world's view of Virology and international monetary banking under the stolen "$" symbol of serpent medicine.


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