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We are momentarily moving medium production, to commense mass production scheduled to begin in Spring 2023 in TÜRKIYE (TURKEY).

Sorry, for any health inconvenience caused during this time. You can reach our support under the following international support via email at:


Attention: Before you buy, get our fast FREE MEDICAL ADVICE according to your illness status by phone or via email. We are here to advise you within 48 hours excepting weekends and some holidays. All our life-saving SAFARI SNAKE ANTIDOTES are tannic and phosphoric and cure HIV. Serpent-Anti-Virotoxin are decarcinants that are legal unrestricted Bio-chemistry. Feel free to ask. 


Safari & Medical Plastic Unit


Agricultural & Military Unit


Momentarily out of stock. Mass production starts mid to end of 2022

COBRA ANTIDOTE Versions, Prices with 3-5 day Courier Service International 

⦁ 1 x 500ml medical plastic unit: 2 x COBRA ANTIDOTE BASE MEDIUM - 140€
⦁ 1 x 500ml medical plastic unit: COBRA ANTIDOTE COMBO 1 + 2 - 150€
⦁ 1 x 500ml medical plastic unit: 2 x COBRA ANTIDOTE + PENICILLIN -
⦁ 1 x 600ml aluminium unit: COBRA ANTIDOTE BASE MEDUM - 170€  (for military and agriculture) 
⦁ 1 x 600ml aluminium unit: COBRA ANTIDOTE COMBO 1 + 2 - 180€   (for military and agriculture)
⦁ 1 x 600ml aluminium unit: COBRA ANTIDOTE + PENICILLIN - 190€   (for military and agriculture)

Classic Illness amounts in unit packages / Rebate on double-orders:
⦁ Major Snake Bite - 1 to 2 units by version strength.
⦁ Malaria - 1 unit.
⦁ Worms and Parasites - 1 unit.
⦁ HIV or Leukaemia - 1 unit.
⦁ Full-blown AIDS with overweight - 2 units.
⦁ Full-blown AIDS with underweight - 1/2 unit or child-amount dose (see product's instruction leaf).
⦁ Food poisoning - 1/2 unit to 1 unit.
More severe sickness amounts in unit packages:
⦁ Multiple Snake Bite, Diabetes, minor Obesity and Soft Cancer Metastase 2 - 3 units.
⦁ Extreme Obesity, End-Stage Endocrinitis, Embolie Major, End-Stage Cancer - 4 to 6 units.
(Only as directed by the Carcinogenlogist to be clear about risks).
(Momentarily we will will not accept any payments until the end of 2022)
(Momentarily we will not accept any payments until the end of 2022)
Please do not transfer uninvited payments.
Attention: Normal Air-Mail Postage and mandatory legal doctor's fee has been included in the Prices above. We keep strict medical data-protection and secrecy.

Price includes shipping and handling which may vary according to optional request for extra units. For placing and finalizing your order options based on any state of health or emergency prevention, direct contact is required! We reply in 24 hours excepting weekends!
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Ankara - TÜRKIYE

Faqir N.P. H-Dr. Pharouk-Starzmann
Carcinologist / Verontologist
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Mr. Erhan Emin Zararsiz, B2B Public Relations

English Medical Inquiries: med@cobra-antidote.com
or alternatively: stunny71@gmail.com
PAYMENT METHODS: We will give you safe payment instructions when we re-open for business at the end of Sping 2023.